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                  NEWS & Bulletins                          3/5/21


PANDEMIC NEWS: (please see below 'our current hours are')
We are currently operating at less than half staff and are receiving heavy calls.
If your call is not answered in a reasonable amount of time please
got to our/this website for help:


                     click on 'companies\pay service your policy'
Pmts can be made on the site to the agency or to your insurance co.
Documents including Insurance ID cards etc. can be issued also.
Company customer service numbers are available
                                 click on 'Agency Directory'
Messages can be made to the agency by e-mail (see agency directory)
or by 'live chat'.

                            OUR New 'Covid/Pandemic' hours are:

             Office Open Hours: Monday thru Saturdays 10am to 6pm

    Telephone Service hours: 12/noon to 6pm Mondays thru Saturdays

         To contact us us during closed hours, please send an e-mail to;

            You can let us know your issue and we will try to help.
            We will reply by e-mail or telephone if you direct us to.
            Replies are usually the same day or the following day.

             Please visit our website for additional help and service at